Homeopathy treatment or homoeopathy medicine is a medical system built on the principle that like cures like. It primarily uses potentised (extremely diluted) remedies to stimulate the body’s own healing functions. The word homeopathy comes from the Greek words homios (similar) and pathos (suffering), and the basis of the method is that like cures like. Homeopathy started to develop during the end of the 18th century, although some fundamental ideas have been known for a long time in Indian and Oriental Medicine. They have also been noted by historical medical personas like Hippocrates and Paracelsus.

Homeopathic herbal remedies or a homoeopathic remedy used in homeopathy are usually potentised, which means that they are diluted in several stages. Other remedies are used as well.
The theory behind the potentization is that the effectiveness of a remedy is inversely proportional to its main substance. The potency isn’t in the substance itself, but in its pattern, and the less there is of that substance the more powerful the pattern. This is explained by that energy is created and augmented through the rhythmic shaking of the solution when it is diluted.

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 Child Having Seizures
Ashish BHatnagar
2007-11-12 06:39:01
My child is having seizures and as soon and his seizure last for 5-10 secs and during that he tries to move towards left side and is under homeopathy but and that has brought down seizures from 10 in a day to 3-4 but they are not coming to zero ..as per the homeopath it is because of his fever not under control and his MRI did not revealed much either other than very minor subtle left side has some projection.. Can homeopathy cure it if yes how long it will take... Thanks for the responses I recieved but I would like to highlight few more points (1) Currently my homeopath is giving him following medicines (a) OEnanthe (b) Belladonium (c) absinthium He gave Solanum Carolinense as well but what it did is that after that medicine it gave him a very big seizure lasting for 6-7 minutes Amyl Nitrosum we are giving as inhaler to him after 2-4 hours and during the seizure His symptoms are more like (1) Movement of head towards left (2) eyes flickering fast (3) Seizures with mediciation ( homeo) now coming more in the morning ( that is during sunlight ) and reduces as the sum sets (4) He tries to avoid sunlight (5) Seizure duration reduces as the sun sets from 10-12 secs to 2-3 seconds (6) After his seizure he is OK and behaves normal --PLease provide Inouts I really need help and I am tense about that ...

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dranwer kamal@hotmail.com
2007-11-13 10:42:38
Dear ashish
Homeopathy is not a quantity wise effective but a quality --means--potency--by increasing number of pills or drops makes no difference-- Hahnnemann had reduced the quantity of drug by potentising it to reduce the side effects.
pleasae check your mail on your web for detail answer asa your email on my hotmail address
dr anwer kamal
Ashish BHatnagar
2007-11-12 14:03:27
As per your response below I am providing following information to you on the same

His Date of Birth is 15th November 2003 at 7:48 PM

Poptency means that we have to increase the dosage for Solaneum ..PLease help me in understanding it right .

I spoke to my homeopath on the same and as per him , he had fever which he is correcting through belladonium and arsenic , his fever is not shooting high and he does not see symptoms of meningitis

--Is there any quick way to control this as every day morning as soon he wakes up in a gap of 2-4 hours from there he does get 1-2 seizures and then as the evening comes the seizures settle down, another point of information is that this change has happened after solaneum's only dosage ( we have stopped solaneum after that , which he feels he has to restart after 10 days) as other vise the seizures were more in night than in day.

--Do you see some worry factor here
2007-11-12 10:02:23
when a homeoopathy is stop to releif FURTHER --it is to be considered about the poptency--it is to be given further higher---i.e if u r giving 6c to be jumped on 12c or 30c--and at confirmation of remedy M,CM or LM is to be given.
I had asked you to provide me the birth date of the child.
Aconite nap or A.ferrox is to be given in 30c as per fever symtoms are there.
Bacillinum 200c and Iodoform 200c once or twice a day under theat Homeopath will relkeive the cause --MENINGITIS --the cause of fever and Seizures.
hope the best
dr anwer kamal-
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