Homeopathy treatment or homoeopathy medicine is a medical system built on the principle that like cures like. It primarily uses potentised (extremely diluted) remedies to stimulate the body’s own healing functions. The word homeopathy comes from the Greek words homios (similar) and pathos (suffering), and the basis of the method is that like cures like. Homeopathy started to develop during the end of the 18th century, although some fundamental ideas have been known for a long time in Indian and Oriental Medicine. They have also been noted by historical medical personas like Hippocrates and Paracelsus.

Homeopathic herbal remedies or a homoeopathic remedy used in homeopathy are usually potentised, which means that they are diluted in several stages. Other remedies are used as well.
The theory behind the potentization is that the effectiveness of a remedy is inversely proportional to its main substance. The potency isn’t in the substance itself, but in its pattern, and the less there is of that substance the more powerful the pattern. This is explained by that energy is created and augmented through the rhythmic shaking of the solution when it is diluted.

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 Tonsilitis and Asthama symptoms
Sam Jones
2007-10-29 12:43:02
Hello, I have a 5 year old daughter who has recently started suffering from very sore throats, wheezing chest and has a peanut allergy. She initially had an egg allergy at the age of two but has now grown out of this. She also had eczema on her inner bend of the arms and legs when she was born. This was treated with various ointments which made no difference. Finally I had to resort to steroid creams to get rid of it. In December 2006, she had chicken pox. Since then, she is suffering from recurring sore throats and wheezing chest. She used to be a very robust little girl, but now is very gaunt and thin although she eats well. The doctors say that she has unusually enlarged tonsils and that they should be removed. They get infected at least once a month and she has to take antibiotics for this. The asthmatic tendency is due to her peanut allergy, or so I have been told. Her symptoms are worse at night just as she goes to bed. She has problems breathing when lying down and this is only alleviated when given her salbutamol inhaler - 3 puffs. When she has breathing problems, she starts scratching her neck, inner bend of arms, armpits and back of knees profusely. She'll keep scratching until they bleed. I put a soothing gel like aloe vera to help cool it down. This usually works, but when it doesn't, I have to resort to applying a steroid based cream on it. She also starts panicking and gets very anxious. Can anyone please suggest what course of action I should take? Thank you for your time and I'm sorry that this is such a long ramble. Kind regards Sam

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2007-10-29 14:04:00
Try urtica urens 6 three times a day for 15 days. Stop all other medicines and report back.
j k mohla
2007-10-29 13:43:38
Baryta carb 30c twice daily for 15 days and cal phos 6x h tabs morning and evening for 15 days j k mohla
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